Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Day Has Been Decided.

So I've gotten past my worries, so far, forthe LSAT. I have decided I am going to take it on Feb. 12th. I'm going to put my deposit down for my Test Masters Prep Course soon because I heard
its the best. I'm excited, but nervous because everything is coming so fast.

I have some things coming to look forward to though...
I'M GOING TO ARIZONA THIS THURSDAY!!! I am beyond excited because I have missed the boy so much. Long distance relationships are no fun, but when you finally see each other it makes it that much sweeter. We make it work and enjoy every minute with each other.

I'm checking in tomorrow morning for my bright and early flight on Thursday!

Then once I land, we will be off to Disneyland for a couple of days! I know its busy, but his family loves to go and I can't wait for it either!

How could you say no to mickey and minny?


  1. Just found your blog! So cute!! Good luck with the LSATs! Have fun in Disneyland!!

  2. awww i'm super encouraged by this and your long distance relationship. so sweet. have fun in AZ! xxx

  3. Love your blog! Good luck w/ the LSAT...I did so much better on it than I felt like I did. Have a fun trip to Disney!


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