Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day Of Class

Its the first day of class for me and I only have one class! Which is a pretty easy day, except I'm starting my LSAT study regime.

I wanted to start off the week with "What's in my Bag" for class. I would post my first day outfit, but I'm stuck wearing my recruitment counselor shirt. Don't worry I dressed it up enough so its not just a t-shirt :)

First is my bag! I love my Kate Spade Tote. I got it last year for Christmas and it has been perfect for my books.

So now for the exciting part...what's inside?

My glasses, pencil case, my go to writing utensils, keycard case, lilly planner, inhaler (I have mild asthma and its kind of acting up right now), hand sanitizer, my wonderful book for my history class and binder.
Besides my stunning Lilly Planner, I love the case that I got as a free gift from the lilly sale. I love that print and it won't fit my make-up; however, it fits my pencils!

And my keycard case. I cannot ever forget this! I have to swipe my ID to get into the building, several other doors and lastly my room. If I forgot it...well we won't go there. It also has a handy starbucks card, whistle for emergencies and my trusty flash drive.

That's what I'm taking to class. What's in your bag? I hope everyone has a great first day back and a great monday!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Thats exactly what these past few days have been. I finished my last days of work, babysat, spent some extra time with my family, and pack up my entire life. And now I'm back at school!! Ahh It feels so weird to be back and as a JUNIOR. I'm living with three other girls who are in a different sorority; I'm very panhellenic :) I love it. I'm also a recruitment counselor (rho gamma) and work week has started for us! Recruitment isn't for another two weeks, but I'm so excited. Maybe I'll meet my future little?
My door to my room!
How is the rest of your summer being spent? Are you going to back to school?

Oh and I won the Summer Wind Just Madras Giveaway! I'm so excited because I basically only use clutches at school! Also check out her blog because it is definitely one of my favorites!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Young, Fabulous and Broke

After much thinking and some indecisiveness (typical for me) I made the leap and bought something at the lilly sale! Even though I already bought some things from ruelala earlier. Can I get enough of Lilly? No.

I just bought the Roslyn Skirt in Pandemonium. I love pandas and it is perfect for my sorority!

This was my lucky Lilly summer. I'm more spending for moi.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sunday After All

I'm so happy because my day ended up to be uneventful. I needed a break and its been so nice today.

I'm going to paint all of my little sisters nails today in Essie's Fiji.

Isn't she already fabulous?
(This is my two year old sister.)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the almost end of a sweet summer.

This is my last week home. I will be leaving the beach on Sunday and there is still so much to do! Ordering books, packing, work for a few days, updating my resume and some last minute shopping. I can't believe I leave for school so soon; once I get there the beloved work week will begin!

At least I will have these to look forward too...
I know they are a little bit more summery, but I'm sure I can put them with some fall pieces. And they were only 29.99 on sale at Piperlime. How could I resist?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BACK from the other side of the country

It has been way too long since my last post! I am so sorry. I didn't bring my laptop and I just needed some major time with the boy since I haven't seen him in over 2 months. I had such a GREAT time with him and his family. It felt so good just to be with him without the stresses of work and school. The long distance definitely took a toll on us, but right when we saw each other everything fell back into its rightful place.

I love Arizona. It is unbelievably STUNNING. We hiked up and down Camelback Mountain and visited Sedona, AZ. And of course Disneyland was a BLAST!

Here are some of pictures from my wonderful trip:

I wish the trip never ended. I really miss the boy.

How could forget this? I bought some great things while in Arizona as well! We went to these outlets outside of L.A. and I bought this cute top from J.Crew and some toothpick jeans. Both for a great deal. AND I scored two beautiful dresses from the Lilly Ruelala sale. The boy bought me the Sabine Shirt dress (sorry I can't find the picture!) and I scooped up the Stephanie Shift Dress!!

Right when I got home from Arizona the package was patiently waiting in my room. I love both and I can't wait to wear them! What did you score in the Lilly sale?

Also, I won A Southern Girl in a Legal World's Giveaway!! I can't wait to get my lilly tumblers and stationary!!

This week is a tad boring for me. I'll just be working away and getting ready for school. I have to go back early for work week, but I'm kind of excited for it. I'm still not ready for it though. Random item I need, well new is a hairdryer. Any suggestions?
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