Thursday, June 10, 2010


I hope that I am not the last one to hear about this, but I saw today on facebook that Georgetown Cupcake's owners are having their own tv show on TLC starting July 16th. I am beyond excited because
1) I am an avid and loyal Georgetown Cupcake Fanatic. They absolutely make the best cupcakes in D.C. and probably the best in the country.
2) I was in the cupcake shop a few times while they were filming. Could I possibly make an appearance on the show? haha

Just of the few of many visits to Georgetown Cupcake.
I'm currently missing my favorite Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes.
At least while I'm away from school over the summer I can watch the Show!

Heres the link from an interview from the owners

Sorry for the delay in posts. I'm currently nannying for my neighbors while they are in Las Vegas. But I hope you guys are as excited for the show as I am!

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