Saturday, September 18, 2010

tag you're it

Last weekend was so BUSY! It was recruitment weekend and I was a rho gamma. I loved my group and some of them went AOII. Now time to find my little.

So I just got tagged by If I Can't Wear Heels...I Don't Want to Go. in a Fun Friday Tag! I love Emily's blog  so you all should definitely read it!

1. What is your favorite item in your closet?

This is a hard question because I love all of my clothes right now. I think one piece that I always go to are my Jackie Oh III Ray-Bans. I feel like every time when I put them on it puts my outfit together. And I mean they are just so big and FABULOUS.

2. Are you superstitious?

I think I am in between. With some things I am very superstitious and then with other things it doesn't affect me. I would have to say is one thing that I am superstitious about are weddings. No, I am not married, but I am obsessed. You want your day to be perfect and you want the person who you are going to spend the rest of your life with to be amazing. My parents are divorced, so I think the wedding superstitious affect me a little bit more. And I will probably follow most of them to a T. I will wear that something blue and it will be blue shoes.  How fun are these?

3. Do you recycle?

Funny thing about that. One of my roommates gets on my constantly to recycle. So yes now I am more conscious and I recycle!

I do try and stray away from using plastic bags! 

4. What website do you visit daily?

I visit my Blogger Dashboard everyday. I love the blogs I follow and thank you to my followers!

5. Are you right-handed or left-handed?


6. What is a goal you would like to (or have) achieved this year?
I want to get a 170 on my LSAT. I guess thats a goal for next year, but majority of my studying will be this year. Cross your fingers!

7. Do you have any nicknames?

Yes, my nickname at home is Shipwreck (Shippy for short). When I first learned how to surf, the waves we breaking on shore and I crashed onto the beach. I looked like a shipwreck, hence forth my nickname.

8. What is your favorite season?

I love summer and the heat. I am excited for fall, especially all of the smells. I love the smell of apples, pumpkins and cinnamon. 

Onto my questions:
1.) What is your favorite color?
2.) If you could have three wishes what would they be and why?
3.) Who is one person you emulate yourself after?
4.) What is one thing you could eat without getting sick of?
5.) What is something that you have to do everyday?
6.) Favorite current song?
7.) Favorite holiday?
8.) What is one item in your closet that you love for this season?



  1. I am an AOII as well!! I also love the blue sparkly shoes you picked out for the "something blue" at your wedding!! I can't wait to play along!

  2. Oh, how I miss sorority rush days. I have to live them vicariously through all of the girls we write letters for as alumnae. Those are the most fun blue shoes, seriously...I wore blue toenail polish for my "something blue." =)

    BTW, I tagged you in my post this afternoon! =)

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for playing along! Those blue shoes would be fabulous for wedding shoes!

    My something blue was a blue ribbon stitched onto my garter.


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